This is a list of videos, articles, books and websites that we have found useful, helpful and inspiring. This is just a start and we plan to continue to add to it. Please let us know if you come across anything that you think we might like!

For Children

  • Sing along with and the gang from Sesame Street – lovely song about self-acceptance

  • Dance along with Elmo and friends – a song to help you get up and moving!

  • Some yoga exercises for kids


For Teens (16+)

  • A powerful video about bullying and self-acceptance

  • A fun video on body insecurities and self-acceptance by beauty blogger Bubzbeauty

  • A girl-driven media activism site

  • A great site made for young women and by young women. Covers a little bit of everything in a fun, accessible way

  •  What it’s like not to love your body – stay til the end of this video to see how we can all make small changes to feel better about our bodies

For Parents

  • A nice, short piece on raising healthy kids

  • Interesting piece about how parents can unintentionally pass on negative body image


For Teachers

  • A brilliant resource for primary school teachers: ‘Body image in the primary school’ by Nicky Hutchinson and Chris Calland (available on several online book shops)

  •  Great media literacy activities to try in school

  •  Dove Self-Esteem project: Teaching resources


Body image activism – let’s make things better!

  • A great site about challenging and changing our culture. Full of great resources and inspiration

  • A brilliant site about taking back beauty – full of well-researched pieces about body image, media literacy and health

  • A global campaign that challenges the culture of body hatred


Relevant research

  • Early body dissatisfaction puts kids at risk of eating disorders

  • As girls get older, their body satisfaction decreases


Other stuff we like!!

  • A New BMI stands for Body Mind Intelligence and it represents a refreshing approach to health and wellness that focuses on the relationship between the mind and body rather than height and weight. Great website by Peggy Stella.

  • A great piece about the importance of appreciating the body’s function over it’s appearance bodyimage-11620

  • Tips for feeling better on a bad body image day

  • Interesting read about the motives behind the diet industry

  • Video about yoga for kids

  •  We’re the superhumans – great video celebrating some remarkable paralympic athletes

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