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Deirdre Cowman is based in Dublin and Deirdre Ryan is based in Melbourne. Both are available for workshops for children and young people as well as talks for parents and third level students, training for teachers and youth workers, and consultation with organisations who are interested in promoting positive body image.

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The headings below give an indication of what MagnificentlyU talks and workshops involve. However each talk or workshop will be tailored to the specific audience.  Fees are negotiable and Toby Plum books are available at a discounted rate at all our events. For more info send an email to

Children’s workshops

  • Magnificent Creatures (For children 5-9)

Typically in a workshop with younger primary school children, we read part of the story and draw the children’s attention to some important themes in the book, particularly the idea that it is normal and natural for people to come in all different shapes and sizes. Then we guide the children in a fun activity based on the story. Usually we encourage the children to come up with their own unique and magnificent creatures.

  • Loving our Bodies (For children 10-12)

For older primary school children, we draw particular attention to the theme of loving and accepting our bodies. We use the story to facilitate a discussion around why we need to love, accept and take care of our bodies and how we can cope with things that make us feel bad about ourselves. Activities include relaxation exercises and illustrating how images of perfection in the media are not real.


Second and third-level students

  •  Beauty, size and media lies

Recognize and reject harmful media messages about beauty. Learn how to promote positive body image in your community. This interactive talk includes lots of relevant examples from the media and practical tips for feeling more comfortable in your skin.

Research suggests that the degree to which a person buys into societal ideals about attractiveness is one of the leading risk factors for disordered eating and negative body image so this workshop promotes self-acceptance and healthy lifestyle at all sizes and encourages participants to actively challenge societal ideals about attractiveness.


Teachers/Youth Workers

  • Promoting positive body image in the classroom and beyond

Body image has become a big issue for primary school children. Dieting, fear of fat, body image concerns and weight loss attempts, as well as cases of more serious eating disorders have all been documented in children as young as seven years old. However, the good news is that people are not born with negative body image – it is something that can be prevented. This introductory workshop will provide teachers with practical tips to deal with body image and weight-related issues as they arise in the classroom as well as SPHE lesson plans to promote positive body image. Links to SPHE strand units and objectives will be highlighted throughout.



  • Raising body positive children

Everyday your child is exposed to many confusing and potentially harmful messages and images about their bodies, about food, about beauty and about sexuality. Luckily you can be a positive influence and help your child to develop a positive relationship with their body. This workshop will introduce you to the latest research on children’s body image and provide tips for dealing with body image issues from early childhood and right through adolescence.


2 thoughts on “Talks and workshops

  1. Sarah Finnegan

    Hi Deirdre

    I spoke to my course tutors about receiving training and my fellow students and all are very keen. Could you provide me with details around costings / length of workshop / rough topics covered so I can pass this info to the course director at Queens?

    We’ve received no training whatsoever on ED / body image and I think it’s vital we get this (I am biased having worked with Bodywhys though!)



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