About Us

Deirdre Cowman and Deirdre Ryan are passionate about promoting children’s self-esteem and positive body image through storytelling! Together, they wrote a children’s book called The Magnificent Toby Plum which features beautiful illustrations by Isabel Reyes Feeney.

This project has given the two Deirdres the opportunity to promote positive body image and appreciation of diversity in readings, talks and workshops with children, parents and teachers.

The authors and illustrator together on our launch day!

The authors and illustrator together on our launch day!


Deirdre Cowman has a PhD and BA degree in psychology and currently works as a lecturer in the psychology department of All Hallows College, Dublin.


Deirdre Ryan has an MLitt and B.Sc in psychology and a Doctorate in clinical psychology from the National University of Ireland, Galway. She currently resides in Melbourne where she works as part of Professor Susan Paxton‘s Body Image and Eating Beahviour  Research Team.



Isabel Reyes Feeney is a talented illustrator, currently living in Madrid.

To find out more about Isabel and to check out her work, follow these links!