Friendship week in St Patrick’s GNS, Hollypark

Last week I was delighted to be invited out to Hollypark Girls National School to meet the students and see how they had used The Magnificent Toby Plum as their story for Friendship Week.

I was absolutely blown away when I walked into the school and saw all the incredible artwork that the students had worked on! There was a fantastic display of snowflakes that the students had written their own unique strengths on and some of the classes had worked on recreating Toby’s bedroom with their own creative and personal touches.

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I was lost for words when I came face to face with an enormous version of Differ in the school reception! Later that morning the 4th classes told me about how much time and effort had gone into making him and I loved hearing about how everyone worked together on it. Differ was surrounded by a whole display featuring quotes from the story and a fun mirror for the children to strike a pose and appreciate their own unique features on their way to class in the morning.

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Ms Marnell introduced me to the 6th class girls who had done a fantastic job of making scenery and puppets for a Magnificent Toby Plum puppet show.

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The 6th class were kind enough to recreate their puppet show for me and I really loved it. They captured the story beautifully and added their own creative twists. Well done to the girls for putting so much work into the production.

I had an absolutely brilliant time meeting all the girls and hearing about what they had done during friendship week. I loved hearing about their ideas for female characters called Audrey Peach and Differbelle!! The school managed to squeeze so much into one week and I’ve only covered a fraction of it here!

Huge thanks to Ms Marnell, Ms Casey and all the hard working teachers and staff who put so much time and effort into friendship week. You all deserve a slice of Differ cake!

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