Plastic surgery apps for children have been removed from iTunes and Google Play

Earlier this week, body image activists around the world joined forces and asked iTunes and Google Play to remove the very disturbing plastic surgery game app. The game was marketed to children as young as 9 and as you can see in the image below, it provided unhealthy messages about plastic surgery, health, weight and beauty.

barbie game

Influential groups including Endangered Bodies, Everyday Sexism and Miss Representation reached out to their followers and soon Twitter was flooded with messages asking iTunes and Google to do the right things and remove the irresponsible and potentially dangerous game. Thankfully common sense prevailed and the game was removed within a short space of time. Victory! It’s an important reminder to keep track of all the media that children and young people are interacting, including apps.

You can hear me talk about this (and other body image related stuff) on this 98fm podcast.

For more on this, read this great post on Feminist Times


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